Sunday, February 10, 2008

schmincke, W and N fruit comparison

schmincke W and N fruit
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Both of these have their problems and their strengths, but most people I've asked prefer the one on the left.

After all the talk on EDM about Schmincke has made me long to try them.i finally found the 24 half pan box that I felt I could justify buying, because my Winsor and Newtons are still plentiful.

There are only 12 half pans in this set, which was one of the attractions. Now I can asssemble the other colors based on my own preferences. I would like to know what though, the 'stock" colors are, even though I have made a list to buy, probably from Pearl.

this is probably going to my brother and sister in law. They have conservative tastes, and a dining room about the gold background color..

Never would I have thought there could be such a difference between the paints. I used such a little of it, too. This will take some adjusting, but it'll be a nice adjustment.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

EDM 13-draw your phone

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My landline phone, which isn't as grubby as it looks here, but could use a replacement. However, it works. The cell, I hope, will last a long time, since I like it and it has a great supply of downloaded ringtones and images.
Next time I'll break down and get a camera phone..

Friday, October 19, 2007

flowers in green box

flowers in green box
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Hoot (and others) thinks this looks like something from Madeline.

EDM 139 honey dripper w/handle

EDM 139 honey dripper w/handle
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Don't know the "proper" name for this is
but it has a handle. A drop of honey is hanging out forever at the end.

Watercolor on 140 lb. Canson Monteval
WC paper

Monday, October 15, 2007

EDM 61 group of 2 or more

EDM 61 group of 2 or more
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There are so many things o chose from to make a grouping, but I love these pots got some reason. I was going to put them against a brick or some sunny stone wall, but they wanted contrast,

Hoot says they remind her of Winnie the Pooh. I can see it, the colors are Poohish.

Colored pencils on graphite sketch, background painted with bamboo brush and speedball ink.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

peach water tower

peach tower 3
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Yep, we take our peaches seriously here in South Carolina. This water tower is in a town in the upper part of S.C., between Rock Hill and Greenville

watercolor on Arches

peach poster EDM 133

peach poster with 4
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S.C. is peach country, after all and I come from a peachy family

I couldn't decide which version to post, so made my usual poster style thingie.
Left to right are:
prisma marker in 140 lb Cotman CP
Winsor & Newton WC on 140 lb. Arches CP
(torn into workable for me size)
Digital art using a wonderful program by Pixarra.
made for art, not photos.
Prismacolor colored pencils